How to Create a Bundle

Bundle Builder allows you to select your existing products to create a new page on your store on which your customers can build their bundles.

Before you start setting up your new bundle, make sure all the products you wish to add are set up correctly.

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Once you have completed the app installation, head to Create a bundle in the app admin to start.

Bundle type

The first thing you'll have to decide is what the bundle type should be. We have a great guide explaining the difference between Single SKU and Multiple SKU bundles.

Multiple SKU bundles will not work properly unless you complete the installation.

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Bundle structure

Next, you'll have to choose the bundle structure. There are two options:

Single page This means all products will be listed together on the same page.

Multiple sections If you wish to break up the bundling process into distinct steps or categories, we recommend you use this option.

It's important that you choose the right bundle type and bundle structure, as you won't be able to change these once the bundle has been created.

Bundle details

Name your bundle so customers will be able to find it in your store. You can also upload a product image that will be used in the checkout and in email notifications.

Product settings

In this section you'll be able to assign some basic information to the bundle product, like whether it's taxable and requires shipping. You can also opt to add a note field to the bundle page, so you can collect further instructions or information from your customers.


In the next step of the bundle editor, you will add your products.

Product grid

Configure how the products should be laid out on the Bundle page. If you wish to add instructions for your customers we recommend you use the bundle description field. Activating the Read more link will allow your customers to find out more about your products without having to leave the Bundle page.

Bundle Description

You can update the Bundle Description by navigating to: 1. Admin 2. Apps → Bundle Builder 3. Select your chosen Bundle 4. Scroll down to 'Bundle Configuration', near the page-bottom and select 'Edit' 5. In the 'Layout' Section in this submenu, use the Description Box here to update this:

This guide may be useful, if you'd like to use any multi-media elements within the Description: Shopify Help - Using the Rich text Editor Guide

Bundle layout

This setting will define whether the bundle summary will be displayed next to the product grid or below it (on desktop).


In this section you can decide what type of discount you would like to apply (if any) and what conditions should be met before the bundle qualifies.


Finally, you can set some conditions for your bundle to make sure it can only be ordered if it meets certain criteria.

Once you have saved your bundle, it's ready to go. Take a look at your brand new bundle and use the bundle URL to link to the bundle from anywhere in or outside your store.

To edit the design of your bundle, head to Settings → Design

Pausing a Bundle

To temporarily pause or deactivate a bundle, simply open the bundle in the bundle editor and click "Set to draft":

Image 2019-11-05 at 1.06.30 pm

You will be able to reactive the bundle at any time.

When Bundle Builder is reactivated, everything should link back up and bundles that are in place would just need to be made available for sale again from within the admin area.