Note Field

You can add a note field to your bundle, so you can collect customer notes and messages related to your bundle. This functionality is ideal for merchants who sell gift boxes, for customisable products and for customers with special requirements.

When you're setting up or editing your bundle, head over to the Product options section and select Add a note.

To ensure your customers will definitely enter the information you need, you can set the field to required. Customers then won't be able to proceed to add the bundle to their cart until the note field has been filled in.

Customise the field by adding your own label to ensure your customers know what information should be entered into the field.

The note field will appear in the bundle summary once the user has added at least one item.

Referencing the note field

If you wish to include this in your order confirmation emails, you can achieve this by including the following snippet:

{% for line in line_items %}
{% for property in %}
{% if property.first == 'Your note' %}
Your note for this product was: {{ property.last }}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Read Shopify's documentation for more information about line items in email notifications.