Purchase options & Subscriptions

Convert bundles, into a recurring subscription.

The Purchase options allow the merchant to turn their bundle into a recurring subscription, allowing customers to purchase a recurring product.

Once items have been added to the bundle, Subscription options can be selected from the menu on the left. Clicking Add to Cart finalises the process, and takes customers to the payment gateway to complete the purchase.

To see Subscriptions in action, see our demo store linked below: Bundle Builder Subscription Demo


The subscription and purchase options options an be found in the configuration page for the bundle being created.

Purchase Type

There are 3 types of purchase options currently available for Bundle Builder:

  • One-time purchase only - The Bundle acts as normal and remains a One-time purchase, and customers will not be able to select a subscription with this method.

  • Subscription only - Customers can only select a subscription option.

  • One-time purchase & Subscription - One time purchase with optional subscription, selected by customers.

One time purchase presents no further options to customise. If a subscription option is selected, settings will be displayed to adjust specifics of the subscription occurrence, or frequency.

When a bundle is ordered as a subscription, the frequency and email address entered, will be in the line item properties.

Subscription Frequency options

Setting the frequency gives customers the option to choose which subscription they would prefer. Frequencies can be set to days, weeks or months.

Example: How often would you like your coffee delivered?

Subscription Frequency 1 > Every 3 Days Subscription Frequency 2 > Every Week Subscription Frequency 3 > Every Month

Subscription Discount

Select a discount to apply to the to the bundle. This discount applies to all product option frequencies.

As shown above, discount values can be set to:

Fixed price - Set a price regardless of products contained in the bundle. Fixed discount - A fixed figure is taken from the bundle and applied as a discount. Percentage discount - A percentage is taken from the bundle price.

Send invoice reminders

Once enabled, this option sends an automated reminder email to the customer if they have not paid the invoice after a certain period of time. Customer will receive an automatic invoice based on the interval selected when the bundle has been ordered. The customer has to pay again manually each time.

Invoice reminders are sent to the customer:

  • 3 days before due date if invoice interval is more than week

  • 1 day before due date if invoice interval is 7 days or less

  • A final reminder is then sent on the actual due date.

Receive notifications when invoices are sent

Enable checkbox to receive an email notification whenever an invoice is sent to a customer. This is sent to your storefront email address.

Cancelling a Subscription

Invoice email will contain a link to the subscription settings page, where the customer can view the details of their subscription and cancel their subscription.

When a subscription is cancelled, both the merchant and customer receive confirmation emails.