Third-party Fulfilment Services

Bundle Builder provides a way for 3rd party systems (such as fulfilment, warehouse, and inventory services and applications) to access details about the bundle contents.

These bundle contents details are stored in a metafield for a variant that represents one specific configuration of a bundle.

Please note: multiple customers can share a bundle variant if they added exactly the same product variants when configuring their bundle.

The metafield is called bundle-contents and is in the bundle-builder namespace. The value is JSON encoded.

In order to access this information, you need to look at the individual variant of a bundle product.

Here is an example of what the metafield might look like with example products and variants:

"id": 399,
"Outfits xx",
"variants": [
"variant_id": 38742265160,
"product_id": 9955921800, "section_id": 403,
"section_name": "T-Shirts",
"variant_title": "Small",
"price": 12.95,
"sku": "DB47-BLK-0",
"product_title": "Silver Bulldog T-Shirt""
"variant_id": 38742324808,
"product_id": 9955927240,
"section_id": 403, "section_name": "T-Shirts",
"variant_title": "Black w/ Bow", "price": 4.95,
"sku": "DB192-BLK-0",
"product_title": "Black Velvet Bow T-Shirt (Various Styles)"

Fields are only updated at the time the customer adds the exact bundle configuration to the cart and are not updated when products/variants change.





Internal Id of given bundle configuration, guaranteed to be unique for all stores


Name of the bundle


Array of individual variants that a customer added to the bundle


ID of a variant (same as in Shopify Admin API)


ID of a product (same as in Shopify Admin API)


Unique identification of a section (for multi-section bundles), might be null


Name of the section, might be null or blank


Title of selected variant (Default Title) if there are no customer-facing variants


Price of given variant in shop currency


SKU of given variant, might be null or blank


Title of the product

Only use variant_id and product_id for current data, other fields are provided for convenience.