Bundle Page vs Dummy Product Page

When a bundle is created, Bundle Builder creates two new pages related to this bundle on the storefront.

Bundle page

This is where your customers can view and configure bundles.

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It is essential that the Bundle page is the only page your customers get to see. If they were to try and interact with your bundle outside of the Bundle page, they would likely encounter incorrect prices.

It is important to note that this also applies to other apps or options that may allow the customer to add your bundle to the cart and bypass the Bundle page. Wishlist apps, theme-powered Quick Buy functionality and alternative payment gateways are all examples of pre-existing parts of your storefront that may negatively affect Bundle Builder on your store.

Google Pay, PayPal and other payment providers can be used to complete the transaction process, but only as long as the customer still follows the normal purchase journey from Bundle page to Cart to Checkout.

Dummy Product page

Whenever you create a new bundle, you'll see that a related "Dummy Product page" is adding in the Products section of your Shopify account. This is needed for the app to work properly with Shopify and to help with organising the bundles within your existing collections.

This Dummy Product page allows the bundle to be listed on your storefront as part of the Collection page and show up in search results, as well allowing you to share the bundle in newsletters and on social media.

All Dummy Product pages use an exclusive product type: Custom Bundle.

Please beware: the data listed on these Dummy Product pages are dummy data and do not accurately reflect the shipping price, inventory numbers or total price.

Shopify requires this information to be present for each product, but the figures present here are replaced with the correct data when the customer uses the Bundle Configuration Page, as mentioned above.

While you're welcome to use the Dummy Product page to display a bundle within a Collection, please do not modify the bundle price.

Making any modifications would negatively affect the bundle settings and parameters - the price attached to the Dummy Product page is just a randomly allocated number and the correct price will always be applied to the Bundle page. Read the following guides for more information.