Custom Changes

Customising the Bundle page.

The bundle page can be customised in multiple ways, using code to achieve a particular effect. HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid are all languages supported with customisation of the bundle page. Using the Design settings of the app, CSS can be added to customise the Bundle page. This can be found by opening the design tab of the settings, and locating Custom CSS.

The above image shows an example of how CSS would look.

If Javascript or Liquid code is required to achieve the effect, sadly, the Bundle Builder app does not house the capabilities to support this by default. Instead, this code can be applied to a Custom Template, using the Template Creator. Template Creator offers merchants the ability to customise and edit the bundle page, using more advanced code languages to achieve animation or elements that have a functionality on the page.

The Template Creator require's an advanced knowledge of Liquid and Javascript code. Seek a developer or specialist to assist with this process, if not confident.

Finding a specialist

There are specialists available for these tasks. Many advertise their services on the Shopify Experts directory as it is a great place to find vetted, experienced developers.

Of course, we're always happy to receive emails relating to any question at all and will do our very best to advise in any way we can. The team try to keep within a scope of support, as customisation can be tricky to get right.

We cant make magic with javascript or liquid, however small tweaks to the bundle page, we might able to assist with.

If you are an experienced partner with our Bundle Builder app, or provide specialist services, we’d love to hear from you! We are always looking for new recommendations! Get in touch with our support team at

Our Scope of Support

At present, we cannot offer code customisation services out to merchants. Instead, we advise merchants to seek specialists or experts for these tasks.

We offer support relating to core app functionality, such as admin area settings and the app's updates only. Any code customisation outside of an app's core functionality could have ramifications across the entirety of your site.