Ghost Products

What Ghost products are for

When a customer adds a Single SKU bundle to their cart they will see a unique bundle number attached to their order. This is added as a variant to your bundle's Dummy Product page which can be found in your store admin, under Products. It allows us to ensure that your inventory is updated correctly whenever someone purchases a bundle.

Customers create new variants whenever they add a new bundle configuration (a particular selection of products) to their cart, and these variants can sit in that cart for a long time. If you are using only Required Product with only one variant, as a stand-out case, you will only see one extra variant on your Dummy Product Page, as the configuration options will be extremely limited. Meanwhile, other customers will have different bundle configurations in their cart - and for this reason, your bundle will almost inevitably have more than one variant.

If two customers were to purchase exactly the same bundle configuration, there would be just one variant in the store's admin.

Once the variants list hits 100 entries, the app will automatically create a new duplicate bundle product, called a Ghost product.

The reasoning behind this is that Shopify has a 100-variant limit for each product - by generating the duplicate, we can work around this hard limit.

Variants (and associated bundle numbers) are always assigned, however, the number corresponds to the particular mix of items included in that bundle, so the app knows which contents are inside the bundle. If you had only one bundle available which contained a fixed mix of products A, B and C and this variant was then created - we'll call it #000001 - then every time a customer were to add this particular bundle configuration to the cart, the variant number would be #000001. Bundle Builder will continue to use the variants from the initial Ghost product, so it is important that you don't make older Ghost products unavailable in your online store, otherwise your bundles will trigger an ‘Out of Stock’ message at check out.

To avoid having the duplicate bundle products in your storefront's search results, keep the bundles in the automatically created ‘Bundle Builder Products’ collection, that is set to ‘unavailable’.

Some merchants may understandably prefer to not use this system - in order to do so, please make your Bundles as Multiple SKU Bundles, which use a different system for this process.

If you have finalised a Bundle as a Single SKU Bundle in the initial build in the Bundle Editor, this will need to be re-made as Bundle Types are locked down after this point.

Please see our guide below for more details:

The Bundle Builder Products collection

When the app is initially installed it automatically creates a new Collection, called Bundle Builder Products.

This collection is by default set to 'unavailable' and will therefor hide the bundle products on the store front, unless you visit /collections/all.

It is best not to add the product bundles to existing collections, otherwise duplicates could end up in these collections. However if you have to do this, we recommend you create an "automatic collection" specifically for your bundles.

Once you've created the automatic collection, you can create a product tag for your bundle products.

You can then add a condition to the collection to only pull in products with this tag - this will act as a filter and will prevent the duplicate bundle products from showing in the collection, as they won't have the tag when duplicated. More information on creating automatic collections:

If you hide or delete bundle products, the cart's product link won't work and a 404 page will be shown instead of redirecting you to the bundle page.