Tax & Shipping

Merchants can make their bundles eligible for taxation and/or allow for costs on sending or shipping products to other countries. This will take into account costs and location, set through the settings of your Shopify store. Products included in bundles that require Shipping, will need to be enabled through the Bundle settings. This can be enabled through the following steps -

1. Admin 2. Apps → Bundle Builder 3. Choose your bundle 4. Under 'Product options' toggle the 'Requires shipping; checkbox'.

When the 'Requires shipping' is enabled in the Product options settings for your bundle (see screenshot above), the app will use your default shipping options/charges that are applied in your Shopify theme's admin and in your product settings.

We do not recommend adding manual weights to the bundle's Dummy Product Page, as a workaround. For more information, see documentation linked below:

These will be overwritten by the app as the app will only use the default settings in your theme/product listings.

Shopify provide a general overview, with information on shipping and weights below -

Shopify Help - Understanding Shipping

Shopify Help - Packages and Shipping weights

Shopify Help - Shipping Checklist