The Bundle Process

The Bundle Page:

The customer works through the Bundle Item grid, selecting their chosen Items and adding them to the Bundle - when they are happy with their selections, they select 'Add to Cart' and move onto the next step: An example of this, from our demo store

If you are using Conditional Logic, the customers will be guided based on the Bundle's set-up:

Conditional Logic & Rules

The Cart Page:

As the customer moves to this step, a proxy Bundle cart item is made, which represents the chosen bundle items, their added shipping weights and their prices if you're not using conditional logic for pricing in the Bundle:

An example of the proxy item

The Checkout Page:

Depending on the Bundle type, this will change:

- For a Single SKU Bundle, the proxy will continue to this step, and stand in place for the bundle.

- For Multiple SKU Bundles, the proxy is replaced at this step with the real bundle items, which are all presenting in a broken-down list for the customer to scroll through:

The same bundle as above, as a Multiple SKU breakdown.

Bundle Type


After the successful purchase of the bundle, if the Bundle Items' inventories are set to be tracked by Shopify, the app will accurately adjust these for you: Inventory Tracking

In order to do so, the Bundle's Shopify Product Page (referred to as the Bundle Product Page, in shorthand) has a variant generated of purely dummy-data, that can be safely ignored.