Cart Drawers

Bundle Builder was designed to integrate into the theme's Cart Page, which uses a standard template despite the wide range of themes available.

You can see your current Cart Page by navigating to Store URL/cart.

Cart Drawers or AJAX Carts are based on non-standardised templates, which means they are built differently in each theme.

This unique and customised nature creates coding differences, making Cart Drawers unsuitable for third party plug-ins and integrations, as Shopify itself notes for their supported integrations:

When a customer creates a bundle and proceeds to order it, they should be redirected to your Cart Page by the app by default. If you notice any issues with the appearance of the Cart Drawer after installing Bundle Builder, please contact your theme developers for further assistance - as they are best placed to help with this.

You can find our Advanced guide for integration below:

If they require any specific technical information about Bundle Builder, please contact us.