Hiding Duplicate or Dummy Products Page

Regrettably, there is no way of hiding these duplicate bundle products.

The duplicate bundle product is created because you have sold more than 100 bundle configurations.

Unfortunately, Shopify has a 100 variant limit on products and therefore we have to create a new duplicate product when your bundle hits this limit, as a background step to keep everything working.

Duplicate products are automatically created in the "bundle builder products" collection that is set to "unavailable" and therefore won't show on the front end - unless you manually add your bundle products into existing collections.

We recommend not adding bundles to existing collections so that duplicates don’t end up in these collections.

However if you have to, we recommend you create an "automatic collection" specifically for your bundles.

Once you've created the automatic collection, you can create a product tag for your bundle products. You can then add a condition to the collection to only pull in products with this tag.

This will act as a filter and will prevent the duplicate bundle products from showing in the collection, as they won't have the tag when duplicated. The duplicates will still exist, just not in the public-facing collection on the website. More information on creating automatic collections can be found here:

Shopify Help - Automated Collections