Incorrect Price on Collection Page

Bundle Builder controls your Bundle page prices, but the collection pages are controlled by your theme and therefore these will pull in the lowest possible individual product/ bundle component price, which is usually the product's price shown in your admin area.

This is why your Bundle page may show the correct price, but your collection pages could be incorrect.

To fix this, you would need to adjust the product's price manually (outside of the app, within Shopify's Products section in the admin area) to reflect the amount that you are hoping to see on your collection pages.

Alternatively, you could try reaching out to your theme developers who may be able to advise further in terms of how your theme can calculate these figures differently.

As a general rule, they would be looking for the Collection Page template Item grid, usually entitled something like product-grid etc and wrap the following code around the price preference:

{% if product.type == 'Custom Bundle' %}
<p>Click to configure</p>
{% else %}
** Product price code (eg {% include 'product-price %}) **
{% endif %}