Out of Stock Error Message in Checkout

There are many reasons why your customers may be seeing an out of stock message at checkout. Take a look at the most common reasons below to help troubleshoot the issue:

Bundle product is unavailable

The bundle product in the Products area of your online store is set to 'Unavailable' or is not available for 'Online Store'.

Making the bundle product "unavailable" means Bundle Builder won't allow the sale to go ahead.

Please ensure the bundle product is Available for sale on the "Online Store".

Single SKU bundles can have more than one associated product (to circumvent 100 variants per product limitation in Shopify), so make sure that all the products are available in Online Store.

Installation incomplete or unsuccessful

If you're using Multiple SKU bundles, you need to make sure that Multiple SKU bundle support has been installed on your theme.

Please check out our guide on how to check and install Multiple SKU bundle support.

Incompatibility with other apps

Certain apps are not compatible with Bundle Builder and can cause issues, including out of stock errors. This can be any app that offers help with:

  • Placing orders in advance such as delivery date pickers

  • Recurring orders and subscriptions

  • Creating combos and offering up-sell options

  • Creating customised products.

Bold and Revy apps are also known to use Shopify's Draft Order functionality for many of their apps' basic functionality, so these might make a good starting point for further checks.

Cart Drawer or AJAX Cart

Bundle Builder is currently designed to work with the theme's standard Cart Page, not the Cart Drawer. Themes which utilise a Cart Drawer won't work correctly without additional setup.

Store doesn't allow fulfilment from default location

Bundle Builder uses your default location for the Ghost products.

You need to ensure that your store allows online orders to be fulfilled from this location, or change the default location to one that allows orders to be fulfilled.

More information on Shopify locations

Paypal and Google Pay enabled on cart page

Bundle Builder's checkout processing doesn't work with these buttons. Paypal and Google Pay are still usable for your customers - but the customer needs to use them on the Checkout page, not before this on the Cart page. If the issue persists after working through the checklist above, please contact us referencing the Bundle URL for the affected Bundles and we'll investigate the issue further.